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All framed art arrives ready to hang.
2-Day Express Worldwide Shipping - products ship one week after order.
We pay the artist on every sale from their collection.
Certificate of Authenticity comes signed & numbered with all framed art.
Shot by XO photographer, Hyghly Alleyne, on the North American leg of the After Hours Till Dawn tour.
Printed on the award winning Canon Arizona series flat bed printer and framed using premium natural wood moldings with double mat boarding. These collectible framed art prints are available for a limited time and will never be re-released.
Each framed print contains a hand written edition numbered on the corner of the mat boarding and includes of a certificate of authenticity that is signed and numbered by both Hyghly Alleyne and the founders of Zilo Art.


In his work, Hyghly incorporates elements of street culture, fashion, music, and, most notably, his time as XO's photographer. His work allows visitors to see into a realm that is otherwise closed off to them. Hyghly is carefully curating established and new talent to produce meaningful content that will have a positive impact on the community, while also fostering loyalty and long-term advocacy for the brand.

Zilo Art is printed using Canon’s Award-winning Arizona VariaDot printing technology and arrives ready-to-hang to all of our customers. Our modern wood cedar moulding’s are made from plantation-grown and legally harvested wood sources and not natural forests.

All fine art prints come standard with museum grade framing and premium double mat-boarding. We use both tempered and UV-proof acrylic glass.

All Zilo art is made in limited edition, meaning once they’re sold out they will never be created again. Each piece is a true collectible.


All of our artwork is made in limited editions, and comes numbered on the mat-boarding. Every framed print includes a certificate of authenticity with edition number and signed by the owners of Zilo Art.


We are proud to offer all of our customers 2-Day Express Worldwide Shipping. See check out for shipping rates.

Each one of our fine art prints are made to order and take approximately 7 - 10 days to print, mount, frame and ship.  


The below sizes are listed as the Framed size / Printed image size / Double mat-boarding width / Art glass.

Small: 16 x 20" / 13 x 17" / 1.5" - Tempered Glass

Medium: 20 x 20" / 17 x 17" / 1.5" - Tempered Glass

Large: 24 x 30" / 21 x 27" / 1.5" - Tempered Glass

Giant: 36 x 36" / 31 x 31" / 2.5" - UV-Proof Acrylic

Statement: 31 x 44" / 26 x 39" / 2.5" - UV-Proof Acrylic 

Collector: 36 x 52” / 31 x 47’ / 2.5” - UV-Proof Acrylic

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